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Edora Music School - FAQ

How exactly does online studying work?
The same way as traditional face-to-face classes. You arrange an appointment and meet up with teacher online at arrange time.  All you need is a computer or laptop, good Internet connection and a webcam (built-in or external) and of course guitar. 
Install program Skype or Google Hangouts and you will hear and see yourself as well as you teacher through the web camera. The system is working for a lot of years and it’s very easy to use.  
Where should I go for my music lessons? 
No matter where you live you can study effectively in the comfort of your own home! All sessions are conducted through the Internet, via Skype or Google Hangouts. Save your Time, Money and Effort cause you NO need to travel.  
When you are going to standard musical school you usually restricted to specific hours where most people available for lessons. In Edora Music School you can prioritize your time cause online lessons give you a lot of flexibility. 

How much do musical lessons cost?
Our prices depend on your Age & Number of classes you buy. We recommend a different length of the lesson for adults & children. 
Please take a look at our pricing page. You should be pleasantly surprised by our special offers, and packages. These prices apply to all lessons and supporting materials that we offer so you do not need to pay additional fees! 

Can I take a trial lesson? 
Of course, you can easily take a trial lesson to see how it goes and get your 50% discount! We make a small charge for the trial lesson because we want to make sure you are committed to improving your skills in the “long run”.
30 min one-on-one trial lesson costs 5$ only. To book your trial private online lesson, please send as request on e-mail info@duoedora.com or contact live chat support and our team will get back to your shortly 

Are there any age limits?
There is no age limit to learn music. We provide music lessons to students of all ages, skills and abilities from early childhood (6-7 years) to adult, from beginning through advanced. Only few lessons with us and you will be able to play basic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin or Singing.   
How long is each lesson in your school?
We recommend 30-minute lesson for children (below 13 years old). 60-minute lesson we suggest for Teens & adult students (above 13 years old). 

How do I apply for my first lesson? 
You can easily apply through our website. Just send us an email info@duoedora.com with preferred day and time or contact our live chat support team. 
We will get back to you shortly to confirm your lesson time that suits you and maybe will ask you some additional questions. Later, our support team will match you with appropriate teacher most suitable for you, based on your needs and preferred lessons time. After we will receive an actual payment we'll send you order confirmation email. 

How do I pay?
We only accept payment through PayPal and Payoneer. To proceed with PayPal payment you need to choose HERE the package from the list that best suits your needs and press buy now. You will be redirected to PayPal checkout form. Login with your buyer PayPal account, and you will be redirected to payment confirmation page.  
If you prefer to pay for your lessons via Payoneer you need to contact our support team by e-mail or write to our live chat support.

I have an irregular work schedule. Would be a convenient time for me?
We offer a flexible timetable for busy working people so if your desired time is not available, we will offer you alternative time. Our team is always happy to find the best possible solution for our clients. We try to be flexible wherever possible. 
Can I have lessons on weekends? 
Yes. Our teachers are working weekends.
How do I reschedule the lessons that I've cancelled? 
We are very flexible when it comes to rescheduling your lessons. If you need to cancel your lesson, please contact us info@duoedora.com to cancel appointment. You must contact us 2 days BEFORE your lesson to cancel without being charged for the missed appointment. Also please contact us in advance if you are going to be late.  

What is your lesson cancellation and refund policy? 
1. If you contact us at least 2 days BEFORE your lesson - FULL tuition refund
2. 24 hours prior to start of lesson - 50 % price less
3. 3 day of and after the scheduled lesson - NO refunds except in case of billing or payment error on behalf of Edora Guitar School.
The student’s lesson credit will be returned through the same method that payment was made which takes 2-3 days to process.
All missed lessons are charged except lessons cancelled by the school. Please note all teacher cancellation will be rescheduled!

Do all your teachers having working experience and valued teaching qualification? 
The teachers in Edora Music School are highly professional and skilled with more than 10 years' experience in teaching. They all hold a valid graduate certificate in Music Teaching and upon the request of our students (or their parents) we can provide certificate of Teacher Qualifications and all necessary information by e-mail.

Where can I see a sample of your online lesson?
Please visit our Skype Lesson Page where you will find a short video fragment from our Online Guitar Lesson. You can also check out our YouTube Chanel. Our videos will give you a general idea how does Edora Music School works. 
If you don't find an answer to your question on this page, do not hesitate to E-mail us!