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Edora Music School - News

Meet our new student Sami Jawaid from UAE

A warm welcome and congratulations to our new incoming student Sami Jawaid (UAE). He is taking acoustic guitar lessons for advanced in EGschool since last week. Before his teens Sami began playing electric guitar but he dropped out after few years. Because he began studying engineering at the college and simply he had no time left for his music lessons.

  But as he told me "I always missed guitar and now I feel that I am ready to start studying again even so much time has passed

Well done Sami because "You are never too young or too old to start learning guitar

Sami still remember few chords of «Hotel California» and we think it will be first song that we are going to begin to learn.
And after.....After there are gonna be a lot of great songs for studying by Eagles, Scorpions, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore etc.
Good luck with studying guitar Sami and rock the world! 

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