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EGschool - Intermediate Electric/Acoustic Guitar Lessons

EM School provides lessons for intermediate players. If you already play the guitar, we can help you improve your skills and  go up to the next level of your playing. Focus how to correctly play essential chords, vibrato, bends, palm muting.
Are you presently interesting to learn how to increase your guitar picking speed?
To build speed on the guitar can take years of playing, but if you practice with proper technique you will get good result within a couple of weeks.
Here are what you need to do right now - main guitar techniques & useful advices needed to BE a GREAT MUSICIAN!

You will quickly move on to the specialized material of:
·      Basic Music Theory
·      How to Read Guitar Tablature (TAB)
·      Chord Diagrams and Neck Diagrams
·      Useful Strumming Technique
·      How to Easily Play Barre Chords
·      Some Legato Techniques
·      Major & Minor Scales
·      Intermediate Rhythm Guitar
·      Guitar Vibrato Technique
·      Guitar Tremolo
·      Intermediate Fingering
·      Singing and Playing at the Same Time
·     Understanding keys, Chords & Scales 

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