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EGschool - Intermediate Classical Guitar Lessons

EM School provides lessons for intermediate players. If you have a little bit of experience of guitar playing, but you don't know how to start your improvement - welcome to the second level! The most interesting and valuable information about your guitar learning are available for everyone who wants IMPROVE THE SKILLS!

You already know the basic chords: let's take a look how to speed up your chord changes; how to start recognising & playing chords by ear; how to build chords & move around the neck in different shapes.  
We will also get comfortable playing with the most essential scales for playing melodies and soloing.

In this course we'll start by learning:

·     How to Read Guitar Tablature (TAB)·    
·    Chord Diagrams and Neck Diagrams
·      How to Easily Play Barre Chords
·      Basic Music Theory
·      Major & Minor Scales
·      Some Legato Techniques
·      Intermediate Rhythm Guitar
·      Guitar Vibrato Technique
·      Intermediate Fingering
·      Singing and Playing At The Same Time
·      Understanding Keys, Chords & Scales

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