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EGschool - Beginner Electric/Acoustic Guitar Lessons

EM School welcome you to start beginner acoustic guitar lessons with us! We will gladly guide you from the first stages of your playing. Make sure you are bending and holding the guitar correctly - these lessons provide the basics for your guitar learning. 
  You will find all fundamental information needed at the beginning of training: guide to buying your guitar; how to hold the guitar; what are open guitar chords; when you should use fingers & pick, etc.
Be sure, there is nothing to be afraid of! SIGN UP for the TRIAL LESSON today!

Your classes will start with these interesting topics:

·      Correct Guitar Posture
·      Best Way to Hold a Pick
·      Introduction to Music Theory
·      Rhythm Notation & Pitch Notation
·      Simple Guitar Chords
·      Easy Strum Patterns for Beginners
·      Introduction to Scales
·      Fingerstyle Beginner Lesson

Contact us via SKYPE Edora Music School or email to arrange your lesson 
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