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EGschool - Advanced Classical Guitar Lessons

EM School provides lessons for advanced players.Welcome to the experienced guitar classes! Here you will get advanced guitar lessons for players that already familiar with the guitar and looking to improve the technique. 
In this lesson you will use all of the skills you’ve got from the previous classes to develop your playing style. We practice complex chord shapes & rhythmic figures; learn right & left hand technique and give you additional knowledge in the genres of blues & jazz.
If you dream of becoming a professional musician - we can show you the way to BECOME a MASTER of GUITAR!

The material for advancing includes specialized topics:   
·     Advanced Fingering
·      Advanced Arpeggios
·      Fret Hand Muting
·      Advanced Harmony
·      Muting and Palm Muting
·      Natural Harmonics
·      Guitar Tremolo
·      Rasgueado Technique
·      Guitar Harmonizing
·      Intro to Blues & Country Styles
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