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Как учиться на гитаре онлайн в нашей школе?

How does online teaching work in EMschool? FAQ

Today I want to tell you guys about one of our online student Wed Alaloosi. Why she is so special and why we picked her out from other our students? First of all she is one of the smallest in Edora guitar school. The Girl is only 7 Years Old.
 Second, she is really talented, gifted and adorable child. Wed came to our school few months ago and her parents had from beginning few doubts about value of online education. So what were their concerns and worries? 
Here are some of the questions Wed’s parents have been asking us… 
  • Are all our teachers have working experience and valued teaching qualification?
The teachers in Edora guitar school are highly professional and skilled with more than 10 years' experience in teaching. They all holds a valid graduate certificate in Music Teaching and upon the request of our students (or their parents) we can provide certificate of Teacher Qualifications and all necessary information by e-mail. 

  • How does online teaching work? 
The same way as traditional face-to-face classes. You arrange an appointment and meet up WITH teacher online at arrange time. All you need is a computer or laptop, good Internet connection and a webcam (built-in or external) and of course guitar So you can hear and see yourself as well as you teacher through the web camera. The system is working for a lot of years and its very easy to use need just Basic computer skills. Information about how you are charged for Edora guitar school lessons, how your payments are processed you can find here as well as our refund policy. 

  • We don’t have too much time to bring our child to musical school!
This is one of the Advantages of Online lessons! Save time, money and effort cause you no need to travel. When going to standard musical school you usually restricted to specific hours where most people available for lessons. You can prioritize your time cause online lessons give you a lot of flexibility. You can choose any time that’s suites you. So if you cannot fit face to face lessons in your schedule online teaching the best choice for you. Receive the same expert tuition as you would in person You'll benefit from a flexible schedule, which is extremely helpful if you're balancing your study with work and family life.  

  • Cost of online studying?
Costs of online learning in average almost always less expensive than traditional classes. With traditional lessons you normally have to pay a fee for the school, for your travel to school, pay to your teacher, and many other possible fees can be for the school you will be studying in. Also in traditional school almost every month you need to buy expensive learning materials. In online school all required musical scores, tabs and other additional materials the school will provide to you. So Online programs is more affordable option than traditional in-face classes. 
These are maybe some of the most common but very important questions we have received from Wed’s parents before we proceed to our lessons. And now she studies classical guitar in our school for two months. And even play first songs for her brothers and sisters ☺
 Before concluding my article, I would like to say. The demand for online guitar lessons in constantly increasing for the last few years. And the more and more people will see how convenient it is demand will continue to increase. Find your teacher and go ahead to your dreams. And all the time remember anyone can learn guitar at any age. Don’t waste your time achieve your goals today!

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