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Приветствуем Вас на нашем новом блоге

We are happy to announce our new blog!

Today we are excited to announce that we have opened a new blog for all of you who want to learn to play guitar or improve your skills & knowledge. My name is Daria and I am the lead guitarist. I graduated from musical academy and guitar my main instrument. Our ensamble, the Edora Duo, has a long history, we stayed together for more than 10 years but don't worry I am not going to tell you our story here. If you want all information about us you can easily find on our website. 
About two years ago I was working on cruise ship and bought a 5-string banjo in U.S.A. Since that day I just can't live without my banjo, because new attracts more than trite stuff. But it's not about the banjo now. Later I am going to write more articles about this instrument and other guitar topics too.... 
So why our blog is good for you? First of all it will be helpful for beginners because we know how difficult is to start and how often the wrong approach to learning killing your motivation & desire. We also going to do video tutorials/sheet music and tabs with your favourite popular songs and musical themes. 
All our tutorials will focus on guitar duos but part of rythm guitar you can easily use to accompany your signing. And of cause we all the time happy to see you in our online guitar school EDORA! Because everyone need a teacher to get things off to a good start. So if you have guitar, good Internet connection and Skype you can be our student too and get support from the best teachers and professional guitar players Well, that's probably all I wanted to say today. I sincerely hope that our blog will be useful to you & you will find answers to any questions. 
Share thoughts through e-mail (info@duoedora.com) or leave your comments here. From the beginning we are always in touch with you! LOVE guitar and Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

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